You’re already running a successful business but heading up an organisation can be isolating and lonely. You have to motivate yourself as well as your team, and it can be hard to get honest feedback and impartial advice from those around you.


ABLE membership is about not having to work alone, about giving and receiving advice, feedback and support in equal measure.

ABLE is the only truly member-driven peer learning group.

It is an exclusive, invitation only membership, that removes the isolation and gives you time out to think and reflect on your business and beyond.

If you want to grow, it’s time to invest in yourself and your business.
As an ABLE member you’ll be part of a stimulating group of non-competing, like-minded business leaders who meet monthly to learn with and from each other.

It’s a space in which you can share ideas and issues with your peers in a supportive non-judgmental, non-competitive, completely confidential environment. You’ll give and receive invaluable feedback and practical advice that you can use in your business immediately. And you’ll find that helping one another is fun too.

Throughout the year, our internationally renowned speakers will share their business experience and spark lively conversations among the group.

Our members tell us that joining ABLE has helped them make better choices and decisions for their businesses; that they have gained confidence and become more focused leaders.

Membership gives you precious time away from the office, without any distractions, to reflect. You get 11 opportunities during the year to discuss challenges with your peers, and hear new ideas you can inject into your business. It’s also a commitment to the other members in the group as well as to yourself, creating unity and accountability.

The result? You grow, your business grows, and so do your profits.


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What Our Members Say

Andy Hibbert, Company Director, Reed and Mackay image

Andy Hibbert, Company Director, Reed and Mackay

ABLE adds a different dimension; it gives you the ability to think differently, away from the business - 12 times a year. In the group you get some amazing people.

Tim Ball, Designer & Branding Consultant, Ball Design image

Tim Ball, Designer & Branding Consultant, Ball Design

Before I joined ABLE at Warren House I didn’t understand the power, support and the value of external views from a peer group. Now I would advise any CEO to join

Arran Coole, Managing Director, ASP image

Arran Coole, Managing Director, ASP

It improved my business confidence enough to add another 0 to the end of our turnover numbers in 3 years; I have a deeper understanding of business; I now focus on working ‘on’ the business instead of ‘in’ the business; I would recommend...

Jonny Aucamp, Group Executive Chairman, OSTC image

Jonny Aucamp, Group Executive Chairman, OSTC

Every time I come to a meeting I pick up something new that makes it well-worth it being to that meeting.

Penny Wing, Founder & CEO, Brojure image

Penny Wing, Founder & CEO, Brojure

Peter is a brilliant team leader. He has successfully assembled an effective team of CEO level executives who meet monthly under ABLE to discuss issues. The forum is open and honest. I have found it extremely invaluable in starting my fourth company...

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