What is peer group learning?

It’s a proven leadership concept in which like-minded business people come together in a facilitated, confidential environment to share ideas, and give and take advice.

Members learn from and with each other by discussing and sharing actual business challenges and dilemmas. They give each other valuable feedback and support drawing on their own experiences and skills.

Accountability to the group is one of the greatest strengths of peer-to-peer learning. Unlike executive coaching, or leadership skills development programmes, following up on advice is essential as members hold each other to account for promises made to the group. It keeps everyone focused on getting things done.


What do you get?

Impressive line-up of guest speakers, fresh ideas, creative thinking, and lively discussions, are generated by our of highly respected, expert guest speakers as well as your peers. Our speaker network covers a varied range of topics, chosen by the members, so you’ll always learn something new and relevant.

ABLE clinic

Every member gets chance to mine the knowledge, expertise and creativity within the group. It’s a great opportunity to resolve those niggling business or personal challenges.

One-to-one coaching session with the Chairman

Each month, you’ll have two hours’ personal attention from your group Chairman. This valuable one-to-one time will give you clarity on your goals and help you progress.

It’s also a great opportunity to address any problems that might arise in your business.

So are you ready to discover how peer group learning can benefit you and your business?


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