What is the ABLE Roundtable?

Membership is by invitation only. Why? Because we want to make sure our current members are happy with each new addition, and that new people bring the right experience and skill to the group.

Each group comprises non-competitive businesses from different industries and sectors, which gives a broad range of experience and knowledge. It also ensures the confidentiality that is paramount for the success of peer-to-peer learning and allows members to speak freely.

To be a member you’ll need to commit to regular attendance, be willing to help your peers and take advice from them too. You’ll get help and support from the group in achieving the goals you set – both professional and personal.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Structured, facilitated monthly meetings
  • Confidential, non-competitive environment
  • Supportive peers with no hidden agenda who will challenge you
  • Stimulating exchange of ideas
  • Learn from the experience of others in the group
  • Accountability to help you achieve business and personal goals
  • Renowned international speakers
  • Practical, independent peer advice from the ABLE Clinic


Membership includes:

  • All-day monthly meetings with Expert International Speakers, with access to their presentations available for members
  • Lunch followed by the ABLE Clinic – a confidential diagnostic session during which the group focuses on different challenges
  • Your personal team of impartial and trusted advisors – your fellow members with whom you can confidentially share your challenges and gain new perspective
  • Professional facilitation from an experienced Chairman, who is also an expert in their field
  • One-to-one coaching for each member with the Chairman, or someone appointed by them
  • Annual retreat

Each January group members meet at a peaceful five-star location, conducive to business and learning. The retreat allows the group to explore topics in more depth and focus on goals for the year ahead. One of our internationally renowned speakers will take part in one of the two days.


Call: 0843 523 5253

email: info@able-academy.com



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