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Joining ABLE means you don’t ever have to work alone.
Your Chairman and your peers become your personal team of trusted advisors. 

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Four decades in business, across three continents, has given me extensive insights into leadership. I discovered peer-to-peer learning in 2001 and was amazed by how willing people were to help each other. I realised I was no longer alone or isolated by my position at the top of the company. 

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Our CEO and Leaders groups meet in London and at venues in Kingston, including the prestigious Warren House. Membership to all groups is by invitation only. 

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Kathryn Uche, Chief Executive, CAYSH

As a new CEO of a regionally based charity joining ABLE has been the single most useful step I have taken on my journey so far.

Membership has built my confidence, given me a set of useful business tools and has provided an insight into the world of business which every charity needs in these times of change. On top of this it's been my delight to spend valuable time with the bunch of leaders and entrepreneurs which make up the group, their focus, energy, enthusiasm and willingness to help each other become the best they can be is truly inspirational. Thank you.


Penny Wing, Founder & CEO, Brojure

Peter is a brilliant team leader. He has successfully assembled an effective team of CEO level executives who meet monthly under ABLE to discuss issues. The forum is open and honest. I have found it extremely invaluable in starting my fourth company not only as a support system but learning new skills from our speakers and from each other. I do everything I can to not miss a single session. Peter is enthusiastic about his work which is infectious. Always a positive outlook and he’s good at organizing and bringing the right people together. I know my company will be successful and ABLE has been vital in this start-up phase and for continued growth.


Arran Coole, Managing Director, ASP

It improved my business confidence enough to add another 0 to the end of our turnover numbers in 3 years; I have a deeper understanding of business; I now focus on working ‘on’ the business instead of ‘in’ the business; I would recommend peer group learning for all business leaders and owners; It can be very lonely at the top but now I have 10 peers to talk to at any time.


Ben Freedman, MD, Bubble Chamber Ltd

I heartily recommend Peter's chairmanship of an ABLE group. He has not only provided an excellent selection of speakers but most crucially has been able to collect together a group of people from a wide variety of backgrounds that seem to share a common value system so essential for building trust within a group.

As an owner of a business I would heartily recommend membership of ABLE. The monthly meetings not only provide me with a lot of learning but also a time for reflection, essential during these times. It has been incredibly useful to meet new people - both other members and the speakers - and also to benefit from the wide variety of different outlooks.


Jonny Aucamp, Group Executive Chairman, OSTC

Every time I come to a meeting I pick up something new that makes it well-worth it being to that meeting.

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